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Luangpor Teean Jittasubho
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Welcome to Paitoon Inthavong homepage, and thank you for stopping by!!!

 jittasubho.jpg Thought is natural and has an important influence on man's way of life and mind. We live with thoughts almost all the time but we know very little about them and their tricks or mechanical functions within us. It is because thoughts are quicker than lightning and flow all the time as a stream that we cannot catch up with them.

There are two kinds of thought.

The thought that comes in a flash, then goes away. This kind of thought brings anger, greed and delusion.

The second kind is thought that we deliberately think. This one does not bring anger, greed or delusion because we intend to think with mindful - knowledge.

Suffering arises because we do not see thought. Thought itself is not suffering. When thought arises, we do not see, know and understand it simultaneously. So we get into thought, then greed, anger or delusion arise and bring us suffering.

If we do not know how to solve this problem, thoughts will arise on and on. And we will be with suffering whether we are eating, sitting, sleeping or going anywhere. Suffering will be the object of the mind.

Thought and awareness are two basic elements in man. When the one is strong, the other will be weak.

If we cultivate awareness more and more, when thought arises, we are aware of it immediately again and again. The mind will change its quality at this point. The path starts from here. It is the beginning of Nirvana.

The Practice

The direct way of practicing meditation is being aware of the movement of the body and being aware of the movement of mind.

The movement is the essence of cultivating self - awareness. If we stay still, when thought arises, we will easily get into it. So we should move part of the body all the time and be aware of the movement. When thought arises, we will see, we will realize.

Luangpor Teean Jittasubho suggested us to move all the time and be aware of the movement. He introduced the technique of cultivating self-awareness which consists of walking back and forth and the other is moving hands rhythmically as the pictures below.

"Man himself is religion, Buddhism is awareness, attention and wisdom."

"Sin is darkness, ignorance or suffering. Merit is brightness, right understanding or not-suffering."

"Sila means normality, that is, it is neither good nor bad. It is the neutral state of mind. Whenever we are not normal, at that moment we are dead, we have no Sila (precept), we have suffering."

"Vipassana means insight or clearly see (things as they are). If one has insight, the mind will be totally transformed."

"The state of being Phra (noble ones) is the mind that changes its quality from being heavy to light, from being dull to clear, from being ignorant to enlightened."

"The Buddha is the mind that is clean, clear, calm, pure, bright and quick. This kind of mind exists in everybody without exception."

"The Buddha taught only how to solve or end suffering, therefore, all of his teachings have nothing to do with any rituals or the occult."

"Suffering occurs because we do not see our thoughts."

"Thought is the quickest thing. It is quicker than lightning or anything."

"Thoughts flow all the time as a stream. When thought arises, be aware of the bodily movement simultaneously. This is the simplest and most effective way to end suffering. I can guarantee this."

By.....Luangpor Teean Jittasubho 

                            The Grand Master of Sati Meditation